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    • PvP Event: Enter the Battle of the Bulge

      Attention Generals!   Today is the start of the big “Battle of the Bulge” event which will last until January 21st, 2015. The event focuses on Ranked and Alliance Battles…
    • Version 1.11 available – PvP event, balancing tweaks and more

      Good news Generals!   During today’s maintenance, version 1.11 of Panzer General Online has been deployed. The update introduces various balancing improvements as well as…
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    • Code of Conduct

      Responsibility: Ubisoft cannot be held responsible for the actions or comments made by Users in the various areas of the game, forums, or other social media outlets. Ubisoft reserves the right to
    • Banned Names

      Hello Generals, we have been following a few lively discussions about the naming of players in other games with a World War II background and want to make something clear: We definitely do NOT
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New to the game?

Do you need help getting started? We have prepared tutorials that show you how battles work, what  units can do and how you can build your own deck.

Enter the command post

With Panzer General Online you command your troops in turn-based tactical battles. Put together your own army of tanks, infantry and artillery. Play your Command Cards to call in air strikes or surprise your enemy with complex maneuvers. In the Campaigns you lead your army through historically inspired World War II scenarios. In competition with other players you can conquer the top of the leaderboard.